10 authentic phrases to woo your Valentine

10 authentic phrases to woo your Valentine

Valentine's Day is right around the corner and what better way to express your love than with a beautiful arrangement from Mercy's Flowers? We understand that finding the right words to accompany your romantic gesture can be a challenge. Don't worry! We have selected a list of 10 charming phrases to help you charm that special person. Read on and let love bloom!


"You are the petal of my rose"

Pair this sweet phrase with our "Celestial Roses" bouquet featuring stunning red roses and delicate baby's breath. Order here: Celestial Roses  

"Our Love Blooms Like Spring Flowers"

Choose the "Sweetest Soulmate Bouquet" arrangement to symbolize the blossoming of your love. View it here: Sweetest Soulmate Bouquet.

"You're the Sunflower in My Garden of Love"

Brighten up your Valentine's day with the vibrant hues of our "Catching Rays Bouquet" bouquet. Find it here: Catching Rays Bouquet.

"Our Love Story is a Bouquet of Beautiful Memories"

Craft your own love story with the "Splendid Garden" bouquet. Explore it here: Splendid Garden.

"You're the Reason My Heart Blooms"

Express your feelings with the classic elegance of the "Deep Love" box. See it here: Deep Love.

"Like Flowers, Our Love Only Grows Sweeter with Time"

Choose the "Life of Colors" bouquet to signify the enduring nature of your love. Order it here: Life of Colors.

"You're the Bloom in the Garden of My Heart"

Surprise your Valentine with the enchanting "Light of My Life Bouquet" arrangement. View it here: Light of My Life Bouquet.

"Our Love is a Symphony of Colors"

Capture the essence of your vibrant love with the "Belleville Garden Arrangement" bouquet. Check it out here: Belleville Garden Arrangement.

"You're the Fragrance in My Garden of Dreams"

Immerse your Valentine in the intoxicating scent of the "Romantique Bouquet" bouquet. Find it here: Romantique Bouquet.

 "With You, Every Day Feels Like Valentine's Day"

Make every day special with the "Love and Romance" bouquet. Discover it here: Love and Romance.

At Mercy's Flowers, we don't just deliver bouquets; We are delivering emotions. Choose your favorite bouquet, add one of these touching phrases and make this Valentine's Day an unforgettable memory. If you want to look for more arrangements that match your phrase, go to our selection on the Mercy's Flowers website. Order now and let romance bloom!

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