Independence flowers: A short history

Independence flowers: A short history

A dawning nation

On 4th July 1776, Continental Congress adopted the Independence Declaration, marking the birth of the United States of America. Complete story is very interesting and this day has turned into one of the most important in the country. This historic day is celebrated annually with patriotics exhibitions, family gatherings and commemorative events. Moreover, between these traditions, giving and exhibiting flowers had been turned into a meaningful way to celebrate the independence of the nation. 🇺🇲 

Symbolically talking

Through the years flowers have been an important part of cultures and historic celebrations, Independence it’s not an exception. Flowers represent the birth, flourish and growth of a new nation. Likewise, represents beauty, resilience and the perpetual spirit of the country. 

Tradition of giving flowers on Independence Day

Giving flowers is not as ancient as the festivity, however, has won popularity in the last few years. Floral symbols and language started to gain popularity in the XIX century during the Victorian era. For them, expressing their national pride was very important, and also decorate their dwellings and public spaces for the celebrations.  

Popular flowers for Independence Day

Certain flowers are related to the celebration owing to their colors and meaning: 

  • Roses: Red roses symbolize love and sacrifice,while white roses represent purity and new beginnings. ¡If you want a bouquet of red roses, Long Stem Red Rose Bouquet is the perfect option! On the other hand, Long Stem White Rose Bouquet is the best option if you want white roses. 
  • Lilies: In various cultures, Lilies represent purity and commitment. In our special section of Independence Day  you will find beautiful bouquets with lilies, for example Truly Stunning Bouquet is an amazing option!

Flower arrangements for the Independence Day not just make a beautiful environment, but also can be a reminder from the values and history of the nation. Furthermore, choosing flowers that symbolizes key aspects of American identity, like freedom, unity and resilience, can create a wide connection with the celebration. Mercy´s Flowers offers you a variety of bouquets to decorate your dwellings, picnics, and barbecues to celebrate this special day!  


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