Flowers symbolizing freedom and independence

Flowers symbolizing freedom and independence

July 4th is coming and it's time to reflect about the values that represent the United States spirit: freedom, independence, braveness and resilience. Celebrating and commemorating Independence Day through the beauty and symbolism of flowers is the best option. In this article, we are going to explore flowers that embody the intrinsic part of freedom and independence, moreover, highlighting the importance of decorating your dwelling with these special arrangements. 

Intrinsic colors: blue, red and white

Patriotism is represented by red, white and blue. There are a lot of colors that combine with these three and likewise, a lot of meanings of different flowers, creating a special significance to your environment:


Roses are special and assertive for any occasion, meaning depending on color, nonetheless, on Independence Day represents love and braveness, also courage and sacrifice of all soldiers to fight for the independence. A bouquet with roses is a touching way to venerate the spirit of the celebration. 


A bouquet with lilies is the perfect complement to commemorate the way of the country to freedom and justice, representing purity and property, also in some cultures is associated with renovation and new beginnings. 


Representing steadiness, a bouquet with delphinium can be an amazing option because of their patriotic significance, also, represents dignity and grace. 


Flowers with an historical significance

There are some types of flowers that, owing to their historical meaning, are perfect to decorate our houses, barbecues and picnics on this day. 


A bouquet with sunflowers can be a good option to celebrate Independence Day due to their roots and birth in the lands of the United States. Besides beauty, the flower represents loyalty, longevity and hope. 


Carnations symbolize admiration, love and purity, a bouquet with a carnation flower can be a patriotic arrangement due to their durability. 

Flowers offer a beautiful and meaningful way to celebrate Independence Day. When you choose flowers that have a powerful significance, you’re creating a patriotic environment and commemorate this day as a good way. In Mercy's Flowers, we have a special section to choose the perfect bouquet for the festivity. 

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